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Air Conditioning London Units
Air Con Units London
Air Con Units London
Air Con Units London
Air Con Units London

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Air Conditioning Units for every solution

Ceiling Cassette Unit

The 4 way blow ceiling cassette is designed to be install where there is a false ceiling or ceiling void of 230 mm or more.

Prices start from £1950 + VAT supplied and installed.

This style unit is perfect for commercial applications such as shops and offices because it provides an excellent and efficient form of heating in the winter and cooling in the summer.
Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning London
Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning Unit
Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning

Wall Mounted Units

Wall mounted units are most suitable to rooms that do not have a ceiling void. They are the cheapest style unit on the market.

Prices start from £1200 fully installed for an inverter wall mounted unit.

They only require a space of 798mm width and 295mm height on any wall.

They also heat as well as cool so provide a very energy efficient form of heating a space.
Wall Mounted Air Conditioning
Wall Mounted Air Conditioning London
Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Unit

Under Ceiling Units

The under ceiling unit is a design where there is no ceiling void and limited wall space.

They also heat as well as cool so provide a very energy efficient form of heating a space.

Daikin are the only manufacturer to design a 4 way blow under ceiling suspended unit.

Can be used for the R22 gas replacement programme --> click to learn more .....
Under Ceiling Air Conditioning
Under Ceiling Air Conditioning London Units
Under Ceiling Air Conditioning London

Close Control Units

Mitsubishi Electric close control system is specifically designed for computer rooms, laboratories etc where a need for high sensible cooling and close control of temperature and humidity is required.

Because of the need for close control 24 hours a day, 365 days a year newly developed inverter driven compressor has been incorporated into the outdoor unit, maximising the energy efficiency of the PFD series. It is also able to connect to a computer network in order to monitor and provide remote email alarms.
cClose Control Air Conditioning
Close Control Air Conditioning London
Close Control Air Conditioning Units

Ducted/Ventilation Unit

Ducted Units from £1900 + vat. Ducted units can be concealed above wardrobes or in a loft. Then ductwork from 100mm in size can be install to provide cool or warm air to the area required.

All Mitsubishi Electric Mr Slim units can have iPhone or smart phone control option.
Mel Cloud
Ducted Air Conditioning London

VRF Systems

VRF Systems can run numerous indoor units connected to one outdoor unit, making them suitable for medium to large buildings that demand high performance with optimum efficiency.

Our City Multi VRF Systems offer both heat pump and heat recovery technology. Heat pump systems deliver cooling or heating to a space, whereas heat recovery systems can simultaneously provide cooling and heating at the same time via separate indoor units, moving energy around a building for maximum efficiency.

The City Multi Y Series offers a simple and flexible solution where there is a demand for a changeover capability between heating and cooling for all indoor units, helping to ensure a constant and comfortable indoor climate. The City Multi R2 heat recovery system can provide simultaneous heating and cooling through only two pipes rather than the conventional three which are traditionally used on heat recovery systems, typically reducing installation time and material costs. Recovered energy can not only be moved around rooms within a building but can also be upgraded to heat water for sanitary use.

By transferring wasted heat in this way, substantial savings can be made on annual running costs and CO2 emissions. With a range of over 80 indoor units of varying capacity including floor standing, ducted, ceiling cassettes, ceiling suspended and wall mounted types, up to 50 indoor units can be connected to one City Multi outdoor unit.
Our air conditioning systems are from established manufacturers. Leading names in the industry, so you know you can rely on their quality and effectiveness.
Our aim is to install your air conditioning system with the minimum fuss and the maximum efficiency. All our engineers are fully trained and qualified to ensure your peace of mind.
Contact us today to find out how we can help you get the air conditioning system that’s right for you.
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